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Sony Android Can't Beat Ridaex At This Price
This 50" Android tv is very good. I bought it online about 20 days ago. Wanted to write a review after experiencing the TV well. I didn't expect this well working of the tv and very good display system actually. I didn't really get to know what exactly is the image optimizing engine name. But the the picture quality is almost up to the mark of sony. The audio is also very good. 44K is actually the best price for it'f features. Good Luck Ridaex. Over all i will give 4.5 stars for Ridaex 50" 4K TV
Vishwanath Kulam 23 Oct 2017

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Best value for money
Very good tv, best value for money. Please do improved the TV manual a bit and also please give some major built in application is like Youtube, Netflix and Amazon prime by default. Than the rest is all gem.
Praneeth Jharya 28 Oct 2017
Everything is great.
Was confused to do mirror casting in the beginning. After talking to the ridaex tech support team. I was able to get use it. Very clean installation was done by the service person. I actually batteries with the tv remote. But actually the magic remote is working well.
Sundar Ram 15 Nov 2017
Best TV for money
got this tv installed yesterday. Everything is working well. I felt youtube in not giving good quality in the beginning. In fact we have to set the YouTube video quality. By default it will be in 320p. We need to manually set the picture quality to the highest. Than the video output will be as described.

I would say this is a very good value for the money with promising service. The service person was also very polite. Very well handled.
Geetanjali 16 Nov 2017
Delivery was 2 days delayed, Very bad
I have witnessed the delivery was two days delayed. In fact the the shipping was done a bit late. I am very happy with the Tv but i am not happy with the delivery. Was promised to deliver on 25/10/2017 bu8t got it delivered on 27/20 2017 in the evening. You people have broken your delivery promise. I don't have any complaints about the TV. The TV is very good. I would blame gotmatter for delayed shipping delivery.
Sham Kumar Pandey 17 Nov 2017
Best 50 inch TV
Got it installed today in the morning. I truly believe this is the best 50 inch TV for anyone who wish to buy a TV that is economical. The display and the sound clarity is exceptionally great.
Arun babu 2 Jan 2018
Got 2 remotes
I received 2 remotes along with the package 1 was a Smart TV and another one was a Magic remote. I thought there would be 1 remote which could perform the work of 2 remotes but it was the opposite of it. So the only backdrop that I noticed is 1 remote would be better than 2 remotes to handle 4 stars
Praveen Reddy 9 Jan 2018
TV Installation problem
I got my 50 inch TV delivered on Saturday 28/10/18 at around 4pm and then I got a call from the Ridaex TV installation guy who said he can’t be coming that evening to install the TV since it was late at around 6 pm. Later the next day that is on Sunday 29/10/18 the installation people were on a leave, so had to wait till Monday morning to get the installation done. Though the TV is superb and has no bad remarks the only back drop is the installation delay you guys took. So guys pick the right date of delivery so that the installation won’t be delayed. 3 stars
Ashok Madavan 17 Jan 2018
The sound quality is awesome
I had a friend who visited my home yesterday and we were listening music on the 50 inch TV and all of a sudden there was a drop which came in the EDM music as soon as he heard it, he was shocked because of the sound clarity of the dolby stereo speakers. The sound is just unbelievably pure.
Praveen Chakravarthi 25 Jan 2018
Magic remote not working
You people sent me a magic remote which is not working. everything is working well. Plz do replace my remote
Rathan 19 Dec 2017
Good response time
Technically this tv is much better than the other tv's i have seen. Probabaly the price of this TV's ,might increase after a very short. No one can sell such devices at such a low price.
Karan Joy 14 Oct 2017
Nice Tv
Ridaex person come and install. Very good tv, best to frnkly. I am sugestion, you can buy easily.
Sankalp Tiwari 8 Nov 2017
Picture modes are good, how do i set the custom picture quality ?
I want to change brightness settings and contrasts, please do tell me how exactly to change it.
Raja Reddy 22 Dec 2017
value for money tv
all features provided are appreciated. i didnt expect my decision to go ahead with ridaex will pay off so well. customer service provided on call to resolve all issues related to technical insight are praiseworthy.
amit kumar roy 10 Jan 2018
Value for Money product Made in India
I ordered the TV by end of October and got it installed. The CEO of Gotmatter himself came for installation and despite it was late night, he stayed back and ensured that I was happy with the installation. Few teething problems in the wall mount kit, the screws supplied were not compatible to the Television. Luckily I had some stock and they also bought some from shops around. Coming to the Television, it is measures 49 inches diagonally for the display area. The resolution 4K DCI (4096 x 2160) which is movie standard resolution. Sound quality is good. You can not expect high sound output from LCD panel TVs since magnets in speakers affect the LCD life if they are very strong. The picture setting is simple and easy to set up. I did not see explicit options for HDR and colour Gamut controls, however the colour temperatures are adjustable. I believe it is generally part of the input as well. The display settings can not be adjusted while in Android mode. I do not know if I do not know how to do it. The Android part is good and installed few apps and games. With dual core processor and 1GB RAM and 4K display the response is good. Few apps are not compatible to the android version for TV. May be it is expected. Latest versions of Apps may be designed for Android 5.0 and later. The build quality is good, very nice finish. the buttons on the TV face downwards. I have not operated them till now, but buttons on the side (similar to 42 in model) would have been better. There are 3 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs which is enough for day to day use. Port panel finishing is very nice. The Air mouse seems sluggish in response. I tested the air mouse with a Windows laptop and found that Mouse pointer and keyboard responded very well. Possibly the Android and large screen may pose challenges. Some settings may help to get proper response from the Air mouse. I could not cast mu mobile display directly, possibly I am missing some steps. However not a serious issue. Should be easy to get through with help from GotMatter team. The display is excellent. Colour reproduction is great. Even 480p videos appear comfortable to watch in this screen. I do not know much details about how android TVs manage to display 4096x2160 resolution, however the this TV does a great job. Not much distortion while picture is in rapid motion. I hope this review was helpful. I have published some photos in the Ridaex Facebook page.
Laxman Kulkarni 19 Jan 2018
I have not received my TV yet.
I have ordered a 50 inch Ridaex 4K TV last week and I haven't received the TV yet. The people from the support centre are telling that because of too much demand the TV would be dispatched in somedays soon.
Sohan Siddaiah 25 Jan 2018
Give a better wall braket
Good tv, display, sound quaility, but i am upset about the wall braket. Wall bracket will defiantly sustain th weight very easily. But we still prefer better wall mount.
Rekha Bhaskar 29 Jan 2018
Sony...I'm sorry, Ridaex has won our hearts.
I thought Sony was the best TV expect for it's price but after I came by this Ridaex 50 inch TV I was just speechless for it's features.
Rakshith Shetty 24 Oct 2017
Picture quality is just awesome
this TV has a very good picture quality it felt like I was watching a high end Sony TV for a moment.
Upen Patel 13 Nov 2017
problem with bluetooth connection?
I have a bluetooth speaker which I'm not able to connect to the TV. Why is it happening?
Govind Reddy 14 Oct 2017
I feel the best value for money, proud that it's made in India.
I am proud about this products that it's made in India. Good initiative Ridaex. The tv is defiantly worth the money I have paid. Do more brand awareness. You can be a hit in very short time.
Shashikala 2 Nov 2017
Very good tv, but slow delivery. I understand because of high order volume
Very good tv quality. Picture is beautiful. Sound is very loud and good. It's actually a very good fit for my 15x8 ft living room. But delivery was 3 days late. I got call from GotMatter the next day I placed the order that the shipment will be delayed due to high order volume. Anyways though it was a delay my tv is very safe and everything is great. Thank you
Ramakrishna Shastri 9 Nov 2017
Thanks for the very good tv.
Really good tv and panel. Actually worth buying.
Surya Prakash Shetty 18 Dec 2017
Teamviewer support is very good.
I am happy but the best part with ridaex tv is you people have remote support from team viewer. Which none of the other companies are providing. That is actually a Plus point form you.
Shankara Patil Gulbarga 2 Jan 2018
Very Bad Delivery, Received After 10 Days Of Booking
I ordered a tv on 22 Dec 2017 expecting that it would be delivered by 30. But they delivered on 5 Jan 2018. Though the quality of the tv supplied is very good. I am frustrated with delivery.
Sovik Das 15 Jan 2018
Slow Delivery , Good Product
I am not really happy with the delivery. You people already know that fedex is one of the worst. But still you are working with them. Apart from delivery, i am happy with everything.
Surendran 27 Jan 2018
Nice TV, Good value for money.
Delivery done one day before, Very smooth installation, tv quality is goood. One suggestion, Please do give the list of service centers and thair address and phone number. Will be easy for all the customers.
Rathnakar 30 Jan 2018
Well packed and good delivery experience And tv is like good and better picture quality and slim design.Better than other brands
Priyanka M S 4 Feb 2018
Wow cool features
Best smart TV at low cost.. Big sound quality.. Awesome and different type of remote.. If looking for a best LED TV with all features at low price go for it.. Really having a wonderful experience with this TV..
Shruthi 29 Jan 2018
I was Afraid
Hello I am Nikhil from Chennai. Ordered this tv on Feb 1st. just got delivered and installed today. After reading so many reviews in the Internet regarding the breakage of Ridaex Tv's. I was quite worried if my tv would break anytime with the courier people since i am too excited to get a such a bit tv from home. Now i have actually moved on from old BPL CRT tv to ridaex. The courier people have handled well and hats off to the Ridaex packing. A high resistant wooden plank that will sustain huge weight falling on the tv and lots of good packing. Appreciate it. Good job. Thanks again.
Sampath Raman 4 Feb 2018
Very Happy by service
Excellent quality n the whole process of ordering to installation was so so good. Received product earlier as scheduled but was updated late all due to courier service agency. Happy with the deal n super happy the way they handle their customer.
Lokesh 13 Feb 2018
Very good
Excellent quality n the whole process of ordering to installation was so so good. Received product earlier as scheduled but was updated late all due to courier service agency. Happy with the deal n super happy the way they handle their costumer.
Kiran 1 Jan 1970
Absolutely loving it!! Decent product and very prompt delivery and installation by Gotmatter. Apart from the sound during casting through mobile. Rest all good.
Sanjay 1 Jan 1970
Very handy
its just beyond imagination....awesome product
Gopal Sharma 1 Jan 1970
We need magic remote
A fantastic smart tv from one of the top brands in much affordable price. Image quality is superb. Audio output is also clear and nice. Screen mirroring works smoothly. . Only finding the video through keyboard is a pain.Better buy an Magic remote with it
Divya 1 Jan 1970
your option is best
Excellent picture quality and sound quality. Its a Android TV.I personally feel that this is good one.Go for it if you are looking for TV in this range.
Suraj 6 Mar 2018
best in the price range
i purchased it 2 days before and the product is working awesome till ow no lags or nothing,Angry birds game is running flawlessly.
Rajesh 5 Mar 2018
Best service with best product...
I must say Ridaex and Gotmatter both are excellent in service and product. Product showed on site is exactly same. Delivery was delayed by 2 days and installation is on the same day. Also reviews given by other users are also very helpful. Choose best deal as per your requirement and go ahead.. Thank you Ridaex, Gotmatter and user's who have provided their valuable reviews. I am using this since May 21st and no issues or lag. Excellent product.
Ramesh Menon 24 Jun 2018
RE-1500 Plus 50 Inch 4K Android Smart TV
TV is excellent except Issues with Android apps. Unable to play amazon prime. unable to install hotstar, etc. Android update is not available.
Palavalasa Suneel Kumar 2 Sep 2018

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