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My Jaws Dropped
1st Point, My delivery was late by 1 day.
2nd Point, Mind blowing packing. My TV came in a secure wooden box. I couldnt even lift it.
3rd Point, Ridaex start up logo impressed me. Ultimate product quality.
4th Point, Came with 3 remotes. Tv Remote, Air Remote, Service Remote ( Technician Use Only )
5th Point, Smooth performace, no lag, Mind blowing picture quality.
6th Point, So many USB ports and additional goodies.
7th Point, Good customer support team

Delivery speed can be improved.
Same day installation can be provided.
Customer support need to be 24 hours as your company is growing fast.
Kunal Krishna 23 May 2018
1 day delay delivey.
Heard that Ridaex if good at keping commitment to the customers. In my case ridaex broke the promise. I got one day slow delivery. But over all the Product is very good and came with unbreakable wooden box. Got free magic remote, webcam , usb extender and hdmi extender. Which is very good.
Chaitanya Krishna 26 May 2018
Best budget tv to buy.
cannot afford Sony and Samsung and need a high end tv. I can say this tv is the most advanced tv in India today. I had discussion for upgrading the hardware. Hoping this could be my tv for next 4-5 years from now. One last thing Sound and Picture quality is so amazing. I am happy customer today buying a ridaex, Hope you guys keep up the same service all the time.
Ram Gopal Sheshi 26 May 2018
Black Is Black
So majorly, My only objective on any tv is that i have to see Black as Black but not like grey. The display of Ridaex is built geniously and the perfect sound combination will actually feel the image on the screen. As i am much interested into picture and sound i really wanted to give 6 stars if i had a chance. Will delinatly recommend to my friends and network.
Dilip Agarwal 28 May 2018
Picture quality is very good.
This is a 4K tv and the picture quality showing at 720p is also very great better than all other tv's. I have seen many tv's but this tv is well comparable to big brnad models.
Karteek 1 May 2018
The elite product that i have put my money on.
I if have ever done the best investment on TV's. I think this is the best one. Very nice tv. the picture quality is gorgious. I run a pg here in Chennai, I would like to buy more tv's from you. So let me know how to contact business team for ordering about 20 pieces of 32 Inch tv's. And i dont want smart tv's. I want the normal tv's
Chandrashakern P 2 May 2018
A really good product
First of all, great delivery by the team. Kudos where due. Picture quality, sound, extra goodies provided with TV, everything is excellent. Dolby Surround actually works. Black is actually black and not grey. TV response time is good as well. TV colors are sometimes very bright and with too much contrast on some channels, although color range when i turn on my firestick is absolutely brilliant. My only two concernes 1. Wifi Adapter :- I've 24 Mbps connection at home. On mobile I'm getting that speed, but when I check the speed through browser on TV, speed reduced. Not sure where the problem is, is it in my router(which i doubt as i get good speeds on my laptop and mobiles) or in the wifi receiver in the TV. 2. When I connected my laptop through HDMI and went to display settings on windows 10, the display was showing "Yo TV". Team, can you clarify this. All in all, at this price, you cannot get a better deal than this for a fully functions, big brand equivalent performing 4K tv.
Aniket Kibey 2 May 2018
First of all thanks to Mr. Naveen Srinivasn Sir for personally following up with my delivery and installation. Begin down to the earth helping the end customers like you do it an appreciable job. Please continue this. Tv is amazing, all i missed in tv is the user manual. Though this is a plug and play device manual is very important. Thanks Team, Will recommend Ridaex to friends.
Suryabhan Singh 2 May 2018
Must buy!
Honestly saying.. Worth for your money.... Not a single negative points.. Am damn sure.. Ridaex TV will be a tuffest competition for all brands.. The only thing is Ridaex Should give more concentration on Sound output... u should buy 2.1 speakers for wonderful experience.. Other than that.. Everything is fine..
mahadev 26 Jun 2018
Fell in love with Panel
Absolutely loved it.... i dint see any why other companies have much higher price for 4K... as this model is way cheaper and high end product.... Inbuilt Miracast provides better experience than Smart inbuilt apps TV.. Picture quality - 10/10
swamy 28 Jun 2018
Comparingly the best
The tracking, delivery and installation were prompt thanks to Gotmatter and Ridaex. Just speaking from my 6 days experience, the TV has a really awesome picture quality and good sound output. The display really performs its best when displaying 4K content. Connectivity options are plenty, including Miracast built-in.
Praveen 25 Jun 2018
Specs are upto the mark
4k tested. It is as per specifications. Miracast tested. I have 10mbps internet speed and there is no lag. yet to test arc. Please note it is a smart tv with google play store apps. overall a good product at an impressive price.
Rahul 2 Jul 2018
Best for small homes
The delivery and installation of this tv was quite good .Wooden packing was the safest .The customer support people helped a lot patiently even for small errors of mine.Overall a first class experience from RIDAEX team.
Meenakshi 11 Jul 2018
The Best Entertainment Beast for every home
Received the tv in a fully packed wooden box got the tv installed in 24 hours.The Built quality of the tv is very well and picture quality is extremely good,black colour levels are true and attracting.The sound is perfect and tv runs very smoothly without any lag.The service provided by the gotmatter is great.Thanks to ridaex for providing such an efficient and effective tv at a very economical cost.
Rajesh 1 Jan 1970
Indepth review
superb tv... in the era of mitv i still trust Ridaex and this tv is value for money... keypoints 1. you get hard drive support in ntfs format(normal format) 2. sound quality is fine we can here some beats too... 3. curved viewing angle gives great feel... 4. all necessary apps are present even has support of jiocinema... 5. display quality is excellent... 6. Gotmatter gave me order in 8 days only... thanks to gotmatter... 7. on the same day of delivery installation done by ridaex... 8. better option who dont want tv too big or too small...
Rajesh Sarovara 6 Aug 2018
Best descision
Best decision i have made ever... amazing picture quality even with the ordinary set top box. Terrific sound system.. smart features and 43 inch for just 31k... go for it.. air mouse is difficult to operate at sometimes.. but we can use buttons instead of air mouse.. Ridaex service was good.. delivered exactly on scheduled date but installation was done 2 days later after receiving the order.. ... good proper response...thank u gotmatter
Kuldeep shekar 10 Aug 2018
Make in india
this one is the best TVs available in the market I would say ..amazing picture quality for the money you spend ...very impressed Ridaex (and the best part is its made in India)
Chandan athreyas 10 Aug 2018
Future tv
Very Good LED TV with low cost. First of all i have to say thanks to Gotmatter for the best offer to the Ridaex nuke 43 inch LED TV. TV quality is amazing and installation with demo are fully free of cost, very fast installation also from nearest Ridaex service Centre. thanks to them also. I am advice others to buy this TV
Srivasaraj 15 Aug 2018
I recommend this
Timely delivery. All works for the price of 31000 for a 43 inch TV. Amazed by the features that it has. Picture and sound quality is awesome. I recommend this TV for all.
Santhosh kunchdi 18 Aug 2018
Good TV
I have only one word for this TV Awesome!!!! The air mouse is too good The user interface is excellent If you have this TV you wont need any dish connection for entertainment
Rajesh guptha 9 Aug 2018
loads of love
Thank you Gotmatter for delivering my Ridaex tv on time. The good thing is I requested for installation the next day with customer care, they made that done and i got my installation on the day i asked. Thank you Gotmatter. Love you guys.
Anil kumar 12 Aug 2018
The LED TV was Very Good.... Picture quality, Sound Quality awesome.... i buy it on offer time so i pay 31k ruppes only... The installation service is also very good.... same day delivery and installation was completed... Thank you to Gotmatter and Ridaex Team..
Ashwin 2 Sep 2018
paisak labham
superb product at this price range...superb picture quality...sound quality average..totally great choice...Gotmatter delivered within 9 days in kerala..superb service..machanmaare dhyrayitt pricel superb sadhanam aanu...paisak labham
siraj 25 Aug 2018
amazing product ...!! i really like n appericiate u n ur team for giving me such a amazing product
srikanta Dey 10 Nov 2018
Nice product
Great product, however needed some adjustments. Wifi needed resetting couple of times.. Prime sound needed some tweaking. Has many built in apps. No need for fire stick or Chromecast. All built in.. Netflix, YouTube, all there plus you can download many. Awesome quality. Good sound and picture presets.
Ravi Reddy 25 Nov 2018

Product Images By Customer

Awesome Support and Experience!!
Can you expect a better support experience than GotMatter?? I will say No! What an awesome experience!! I was skeptical about the delivery of my product due to Magic Remote upgrade and technical testing, but Kudos to the customer care team!! They kept me informed and were humble all the time to deal with my concern. All the excuses were purely justified. All thanks to Naveen Srinivas for his outstanding Management and appreciable efforts of his Customer Support team!! I now believe that I am in safe hands and really hopeful about the after sales service from GotMatter-Ridaex. The entire organisation is highly professional and worth the trust. I haven't received my product yet, but the response from GotMatter makes me believe in the best of support and the finest of product. I have gone through a number of reviews before booking the product. So, I have no doubt about the quality of product from day one. I really look forward to a continued and extended relationship with GotMatter team. Thank you GotMatter...You made me believe in you!! And yes friends, if you are dicy about choosing the product, the only thing required at this moment is a little bit of patience, because the delivery is a bit prolonged, but believe me it's all for your good. The technical team tests the product in and out before shipping, just to ensure that you get the best experience. The patience is worth the wait!!
Manish Jha 24 Sep 2018
Need subtitle option
At this price, everything is just perfect with the tv. Speakers are loud enough. Picture quality is not less than so called branded TVs and believe me it is true. The only drawback is the subtitle option. Its not there while playing movie via USB. I like to draw attention of gotmatter to it. please provide us some software update or a simple solution to it. In the end, its an wonderful experience shopping with u guys.
Chirag 24 Sep 2018
Writing this review after 1 week. It is the best budget 43 inchs led tv. Picture / sound quality is superrrrrrr, . gotmatter delivered it in time. Free installation was also provided in scheduled time. One more good thing , Ridaex gave 1+1 years extra warranty during the offer period .
menchiraj 24 Sep 2018
very cool
Writing review after 10 day of usage. Good on time delivery and installation by gotmatter. It contain two HDMI and 6 USB port. Both working fine. Picture quality is good specially hd channel. For non hd channel depend on channel input quality. Sound good. So no problem in product
Ranganath 26 Sep 2018
Need faster delivery
product quality is good.... delivery was 3 days late as mentioned by Gotmatter...the very next day from ordering.... installation was also done by Ridaex persons within 24 hrs. free installation and demo given very well..... picture quality and sound system is all over good at this budget
Santhosh 27 Sep 2018
Clear picture good quality sound easy access smart TV function overall good product n lower price!! Thanks gotmatter
mahendra 30 Oct 2018
Worth every penny
After 15 days , My Review 1.Clear picture 2. Good quality sound 3. Overall very product n lower price!! Mind blowing TV. thank you ridaex
Sumit 10 Oct 2018
Must buy
I like picture quality now iam watching only in SD settop box only. sound is good I am trying to use smart functions. Ridaex must provide how to use all smart functions in users manual. 4k resolution still i didnt see overall first impression -it is gud.
Hari Krishna 15 Oct 2018
Awesome Tv at good price.
My opinion on this product is BEST BUY PRODUCT Good Quality Good Sound Good Application Manager ( Smart tv) Thanks Gotmatter for timely installation where as 4 stars for 1 day late delivery
Rakshith 7 Oct 2018
Technically good
Brilliance of Technical Specifically Designed. In This LED Latest A+ Grade Panel delivered pixel pack Display. Looks Good , Durable, Affordable! Thank You.Gotmatter team
sandeep sharma 4 Oct 2018
1 day review
Guru manthal 8 Oct 2018
Mind Blowing Purchase
Ridaex is an Indian company so guys we should support our indian company first Ridaex give me excellent service,demo and installation product rate is really very good display is very good. sound is not as per mark but its ok they give F&D speakers for offer. i am very happy that indian companies start manufacturing in electronics and also improve their product quality to very good level......👍
Sudarshan 25 Oct 2018
Doesnt play bluray movie smoothly with wifi,.picture clarity and audio is good.
Jayanth 21 Sep 2018
Tv is awesome.. Picture quality is perfect and sound is also good.. Best led tv at this price point.. Totally satisfied.. Thanks to ridaex.
Sharath 12 Oct 2018
Good quality product
best product, good delivery,beat install process, over all thanks ridaex
Gopinath 6 Nov 2018
Terrific purchase
Its been 3 months and working very well Picture quality is amazing But app downloads options are very limited Still its good value for money
Sunil Kumar 1 Oct 2018
Awesome Product
Hi Guys, Awesome product it is... working so good, and like the picture quality of its... loving it.!! Stop buying LG & SAMSUNG many more, such a waste of money... try ridaex nuke...once!!
Dheerendra Singh 4 Oct 2018
Watch it to Believe it
Just go for it. I had read a lot of reviews before purchasing this. After reading reviews here and watching a few reviews on Youtube. I decided to buy it. Ever since I bought it, I am amazed by the picture quality. The HD movies are fantastic and 4K Videos are Amazing. I suggest this TV for all the people who are looking for great picture quality with great satisfaction. Sound quality is little down, but you are definitely not using the knife when you have the Beast to fight. Use a Home Theatre and that is all you need. Just one word for it. Watch it to Believe it.
Krishna Yadav 25 Sep 2018
Worth The Money
Picture quality is excellent in full hd movie.Sound is to good it has 20watt speaker.Usb mode works fine.Build quality is super.2yrs warrenty is great plus.Hdmi output is awasome. Installation and customer care frm Ridaex is very good.. Packing is very good. Negative
Prajwal 12 Oct 2018
Great product, good picture and sound. Remote is light weight. And plugin options are available on easy to approach position. Recommend everyone to go for this particular model. Thanks ridaex
Aman 26 Oct 2018
Best in the market!
Ignore negative reviews... At this price range you cant get everything.. Each TV has his own advantages and disadvantages.. As per my personal experience this TV is worth what I have payed for. Pros : IPS display, color, contrast ratio, viewing angle,2 hdmi ports, 4 USB ports etc. Cons : Sound is average but output is very clear as I said at this price range you cant get everything as you wished. Go for it guys :)
SATHISH R 20 Oct 2018
Highly recommended
I was worried about purchasing led tv from online to kochi.. But it was good experience with gotmatter.. TV arrived on time.. Installation on time.. Very good TV... Good clarity for that you have to use HD channels.. Most of the files opens in the USB.. Very satisfied..
Sachin 20 Oct 2018
Pure Value for money product... Compared to bigger brands who sell for 50000 for the same specification this product is really amazing... Nice picture and sound quality... Go for it if u want a worthy product in this price range...
Sachin 18 Oct 2018
Classy product
Great TV with in the budget ... I just loved it awesome TV with many features. Easy usage
Saketh ram 1 Jan 1970
Super TV at a great price! Only negative Netflix not working
Everything is just great about the TV, great picture quality, decent sound and a lot of connecting options. However, the only thing which doesnt work well is not able to run VOot App as its not certified. I have a Fire TV Stick so I run VOOT from there so no issues for me but thats going to be an additional expense for others.
Madhusudan 1 Jan 1970

Product Images By Customer

Good quality product
This is my first ridaex TV and I am very much impressed with the look of TV and installation is also good. Thank you ridaex for providing such a big TV with good quality in budget range. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best and continue to buy your products in future as well.
Rupangada 1 Jan 1970
very poor delivery.. they took 20 days to deliver my product.. and for installation 3days..
Shubhanker Rastogi 11 Nov 2018
What is the use of android os various versions when we cant install the apps which we want. Most of the apps are not available in playstore. Buy this tv only if you want to watch YouTube
Abhishek Das 3 Nov 2018
Value for money but disappointed with resolution
The TV is decent and Im also impressed with build quality. The unit I got doesnt have any gaps in panel and body as i read it some people complaining. Also, I got two minor software updates in last 15 days since I got this TV. My only complaint about TV is resolution. It doesnt have 2160p i.e. Ultra HD/UHD/4K resolution. it is 1080p i.e. Full HD/FHD This is the only point Im disappointed.
Prasad Shinde 27 Nov 2018
Above-average product
Picture quality is good. Sound quality average *like normal tv Android interface too poor, system hangs a lot Something it is very difficult to get it work.
Raghu ram 10 Nov 2018
Excellent TV at this price.. Picture and sound quality are above par and connecting with miracast is confusing but customer care had sorted it out.. Value for money at this price range
shaik afzal 1 Nov 2018
Highly recommended
i had issue in the tv and when i informed it, there was a very good response from ridaex customer service side. it was so great. Tv is good for the price, you can go for it
Vijeth Sudhir 11 Nov 2018
Worth every penny
Overall excellent TV....... 1) Picture quality: 4K Excellent, HD Just above average, SD ok 2) Sound Quality: unbeatable....... 3) Build quality: Good 4) Connectivity: Excellent
Nitul Rupareliya 16 Nov 2018
nice one
Honestly guys, this is good for bachelors and an IT person can clearly understand once he has his hands on the TV. Suitable for bachelors, start up couples, secondary room TV. Just have patience when its turned ON as this is an OS TV, it just takes a while ~1-2 Minute for it to work smoothly. You just cannot fire-up and start playing, the apps might crash. Have patience. Final Verdict: I loved it as its best in my budget and meets my requirements as a server engineer.
Allen Benedict 5 Nov 2018
Its 2 weeks of using this TV now. 43" 4k smart. Over all a good Android TV at this pricing. You will experience small glitches while scrolling pages or while selecting installed apps. (not everytime) Remote /air mouse is impressive. Mobile app is bit a old school. Needs updates sooner. Picture quality is decent and it wont disappoint you. 4k picture quality is crisp. Audio is normal (good for news and day to day use) not for music. Built quality is good. It is worth buying and wont disappoint your investment. Havent experienced the after sales yet.
Guru Prasad 5 Nov 2018
bad service
TV is awesome. but not satisfied with the demo and service department.
Sandi Sunil 11 Nov 2018
Worth the money
Good product to buy in this rate, need sound quality improvement.otherwise no issues I used for 3months thank you gotmatter
aswin bala 24 Nov 2018
Average TV that fulfulls need of Low budget people like me
The TV is a budget TV. At first you must agree it. Features are not best but good in this budget. Yes, there are area of improvements, mobile mirroring is working good but some buffering is coming which should not be there. Sound quality is average. Body build is totally plastic, seems little cheap. If you have low budget then you may go for it.
Subhajit Das 11 Nov 2018
Go for it for budget users.
Yesterday i bought this tv in chennai. Picture quality and sound is good. Pen drive working fine and supporting all videos. Bluetooth is not available is little drawback. Screen mirror cast is working fine. Remote has no batteries have to buy new. Wifi Tethering from mobile phone is working fine for browsing. Overal for budget . I will say go for it. Delivered on time .
Hemanth Kumar w 13 Nov 2018
better one
sound quality is very good. screen quality is ok but no wide angle viewing. while viewing wide angle, colour fading, more brightness and less contrast observed. for older persons, no direct switch to settopbox as it is android tv.
Kv Rao 20 Nov 2018
Buy it only for TV! Other options are not user friendly!
I liked this TV because of its price and functions. Here are some pro and cons Pros Superb display Sound quality is also ok Connecting options to internet Best price Cons Built in miracast is worst to operate and also it is ridiculous, its lagging Usb port operations are also tidius job
Adhir D. 12 Sep 2018
Value for money ! excellent product
Bought this for my sister. Product got delivered very soon. Overall very satisfied with this TV. Picture, sound and video playback is very nice. Wifi and Android OS speed is awesome compare to other tv. Little disappointed with view angle. From angle it looks little bright and shade. I think for 33k we cant expect more than this.
Manjunath 15 Nov 2018
Good product
Pros : excellent value for money, gr8 picture quality and sound. Cons : No Audio-Video cable supplied with TV & No User Manual provided
Ajit Singh 12 Oct 2018
Bad quality
The quality of the TV is really very bad.. WIFI isnt working properly. Very poor Wireless display..
Durga 21 Sep 2018
Smart best choice
Very good option wen it comes to price... People using smart TV for the first time, there is no diff between android phone and this TV.... Look and feel is good...sound quality is cool... It has Bluetooth remote connected to TV all time... So wen I try to connect Bluetooth speaker to it it takes more time, still I don no whether it will connect or not... Product & installation delivered on time... All above its a good product!!!!!
poornima naik 19 Sep 2018
VERY GOOD QUALITY WITHIN 35000 RS. BETTER THAN OTHER PRODUCTS WHICH ARE COSTLY . value for money, great tv , best fit for my family. Very good Smart TV/Android TV that using new technology. Only thing typing was taking time apart from every thing was very nice. Nice picture quality, good installation and new features in TV.
Amaresh Sahoo 1 Sep 2018
It hangs very much
I am writing vthe review after four days of usage First problem is that its show connected to WiFi networks but every time keep on showing no internet Second problem which I suffer is that it hangs very much you have to keep shutting off it frequently
manpreet singh 1 Sep 2018
In This Budget Never Seen This Awesome features
Really appreciate ridaex thank you for your service for middle class familys very helping this budgets and your products and your customer assistants helping natures very helpful. ridaex smart tv resolution is superb picture clarity and sound system and ram working speed, i really enjoy this product. once again thank you gotmatter and ridaex
karan pawar 10 Oct 2018
Shanti Patel 7 Oct 2018
Great Product.
Crisp Picture Quality, Nice Sound Quality and Great Screen Quality. The TV is fully capable android device. Manages with your Android Mobile too. You could not ask more under this price range. 4 Star from my side.
Vaseem Mirza 29 Nov 2018
Perfect for the price, sounds, connectivity is good. Mobile mirror is not perfect its strucking
Dhivakaran S 23 Nov 2018
A budget Android TV
Awesome sound Ok picture quality Value for money because at such low price it comes with Android Anyone thinking should go for it!!!
Pratik V 15 Oct 2018
starsIt is okay in the low cost range
Picture quality is not so good. But in this price it is okay. Sound clarity is also not well. Remote is fantastic. Connection with other devices is easy.
Schziken 27 Sep 2018
Nice but Not Good
PIicture Quality is not Satisfying Me.. There is lot of Lag Sound is good enough!! miracast not working well very poor n automatically disconnected continuously!! Hope it all to be upgraded in next Update.
Sivam 19 Oct 2018
Good product.
Sound quality is not good.otherwise good product at this price. Yet to learn some more function.Can not install voot from app .And installation guy dont know any of the function he just did installation and said i am going as it will take time to turn on tv.
Hardik 9 Sep 2018
Mind-blowing Purchase
Wonderful Smart Tv from ridaex. Display Clarity is mind-blowing, Awesome Picture Quality with Dishtv HD Setbox , Nice Sound ,miracast works Smoothly , lags sometimes I purchased it on 13 October 2018 , After 15 days of use I wrote this review.
Aslam 29 Oct 2018
Picture quality very poor
Picture quality not good. It look like lcd.
venkatesh 7 Oct 2018
Dark shadows on corners
Everything was as per specification. But dark shadows corners observed in light Colors. As per installation technician it was normal but I found it uncomfortable in viewing. Else sound quality average. Picture quality is ok. Interface and Android system run super smooth
zaveri sagar 17 Sep 2018
Best in this prize
Got it during festive sell, overall good quality and sound is superb. Best for its price range.
Vikas 19 Oct 2018
Screen not working
Screen is not working. It is just 15 days since I bought the TV and screen is not working. After raising the complaint, executive shows up and tells there is a mother board problem and should be replaced. Very poor quality and un happy with the product.
Srujan Atlur 19 Oct 2018
Superb yar no need to say anything the TV is outstanding
Khadersmd 11 Nov 2018
damaged tv
oh my God! Received Damaged TV. Plz exchange my TV.
Manikantha Pattugarala 11 Oct 2018
value of money
in this price segment not any company provide this features. this product is osm and under budget. easy to use youtube and other online video like hotstar also available on it.
SUDHIR KUMAR 12 Sep 2018
Dont waste money to buy Sony, Samsung &LG go for Ridaex
Wastage of money if you buy sony, LG, Samsung... because Ridaex TV is equal and some features better than this expensive brand TV.... So pls save your hard earned money and go for this... Simply said great buy... Air mouse and HDR working fine Fast delivery by Amazon and installation done on the next day of delivery.... Really great... Thanks Ridaex
rakesh 25 Oct 2018
Go for it
Excellent product Worth the money 4k picture quality is excellent
B Ramesh kumar 21 Nov 2018
Great features in budget price.
Very good value for money. Extremely satisfied at this price. Worth buying.
Bhim Sain Rathore 3 Nov 2018
Too Good
Fantastic picture quality, superb sound, unbelievable price, value for money..... & Many more..... Buy it & experience the best. Really Smart.
Sherin Philip 13 Nov 2018
Good TV at decent price
Good TV. They are good quality ones. Sound quality is Great. I would rather not to compare with High End TVs. But this TV will serve the purpose... Specially "Thanks to gotmatter" Great Service , Good Quality Product and for Prompt Delivery.!! the only negative thing is they delayed 1 day for product delivery
vivek raj 10 Sep 2018
Completely Value for Money
I am writing this review after using this TV for 2 weeks. Below are the Pros and Cons as per my experience Pros: 1- Big Screen in Under 33K with 3 Years Warranty(1+2) 2- Nice Sound Quality 4 out of 5 3- Great Look 4- Display - 3.5 out of 5 Cons: 1- Preset Picture Modes are worst 2- Black Color could have been far better 3- Plastic used in TV looks little odd 4- Menu Option Display is way too old Overall, if you are looking for a big screen under 33K, then this is a great TV. Thank you RIDAEX
Vatsal Rai 17 Sep 2018
Goooood TV
Excellent Product.......Good Picture quality and good sound.My family is happy with this TV it is their beyond expectations. Only gap between screen and bezzel is little more dust could enter inner parts.Hope every thing will be good.
Sandip Kulkarni 19 Oct 2018
Updated review - after 15 days of use
I am using this product for the past 15 days.this TV can beat any large brand TVs in performance. screen mirroring is also possible but with some lags. Very good quality product from the Ridaex.. Dont feel any need to spend 3 times the amount to buy brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung. 5 key things that worked for me: (1) Quality is at par or almost the same as high end brands (2) Price for this TV is very affordable (good value for money) (3) Installation was done on the next day of delivery (4) With total 3 years of warranty including additional warranty, I have complete peace of mind
rajender singh 12 Nov 2018
Best product for mid range buyers.
Excellent product. Complete value for money. We never forget this deal by gotmatter in our lives. All family members are very glad. Complete satisfaction. I strongly recommend this product to mid range buyers. Thanks a lot to gotmatter for best service.and thanks a ton to ridaex for the great product within very affordable price. Installation done within 24 hours of delivery.
Varun Sharma 30 Nov 2018
Value for money Excellent Product Quality
After multiple reviews , i selected this TV as cost was one imp factor for me. Received Tv today, checked HD channels and its really nice , wat a great value for money. 2 Hdmi 2 Usb2.0 and 2 usb3.0 ports. Audio only feature is good.
vishnu sen 17 Oct 2018
happy with indian brand
the only reason i bought this ridaex tv was because it is an indian brand.. and 3days back i got the tv delivered.. and i didnt disappointed with the product .. iam happy with the product..
Prasad Kurundkar 15 Nov 2018
best limited budget 4k tv
Good product.. best value for money picture quality... Sound quality ok for medium room of 120 sft. no bass or dolby digital please buy sound bar for these feature. Overall good choice for limited budget 4k tv
Sebastian Ghosh 19 Nov 2018
Wow amazing product
Using for the past two weeks the picture quality is very good and also sound quality comparing other brands...i am using airtel hd dth but i didt activate hd chennals but normal sd chennals looks like hd wow amazing...This is apsoultly wow product thanks to ridaex nuke
Martin 28 Nov 2018
Good Product
Sound is somewhat low when compared to other company products..... It will be great if you increase the sound and make still clear to hear
Manikandan 24 Oct 2018
Nice product in budget.. True reviews !!!
If you are considering this tv (43 inch) , must read this review : 1) 4.5 star for HD videos, also 4K videos are excellent (you can watch via USB) 2) 4 star for sound : videos played via external drive are louder than via setup box (Im using dish HD setup box) 3) 2.5 star for SD videos : we know that SD videos looks bad on big screen. And It is same with this tv also. SD channels are not suitable to watch on this TV so its better to have HD set up box and watch HD channels only. Overall, good HD picture quality + decent sound Buy this tv only if you are going to watch HD channels and not normal SD channels. iam satisfied thanks to ridaex nuke
Sarvesh 19 Oct 2018
Well satisfied with this TV
One should compulsory buy this product to much more benefits compared to other products in terms quality quality cost and features. Thank you ridaex for providing good product like this and to gotmatter for giving great offer
durga prasad m 27 Oct 2018
good but can be imroved
TV quality like sound and picture quality is good.Can be improved.some time the androind system hangs.. we need to restart the tv
NITESH SINGH 19 Oct 2018
Good sound quality Excellent 4k viewing Price justified Smooth installation Good service delay in delivery but satisfied
Mihir 9 Sep 2018
Nice buy
Good smart LED TV. Made in India product. Air Remote function works superb. Only the buttons of remote are bit hard to press. The user interface is slightly sluggish and needs some improvement.
Raghavendra Prabhu 9 Sep 2018
Excellent TV
Excellent TV and Customer Care Service ... I have been using this TV for the last three months ... No complaint till date ... The future of ridaex is bright
Tejveer S. 12 Nov 2018
Best & latest android tv for the price.
I can tell that overall its a very good TV. I am using it since one month. The picture quality & sound quality is very good. Its a smart TV with android 7.1 nougat. The HD & 4K videos also plays well. Overall its a very good TV at this price. The only thing is that the mira cast doesnt work properly it is bit slow
Ramesh M. 1 Oct 2018
Made in India with love and trust
Pay less and get more. I was bit skeptic about this new company called ridaex but then I thought to give it a try otherwise I will return it. Guess what? I dont want to return it now. The smart features are really competent withbramds like samsung and panasonic. The installation was done out of expected time.i suggest one thing that The delivery time should be made fast because 9-11days is very long time. Thanks to gotmatter and ridaex team. I think this brand will surely change the perspective of indians who always pay more to get foreign brands in their house.
Pandat ji 20 Nov 2018
A decent HD ready smart TV with affordable price.
After using about 4 months, I can say that I am satisfied with my decision to go with this model. This television offers a decent display experience, good sound quality and multiple connectivity options. It has everything youd want in a smartTV, and that too at an extremely affordable price. But when it comes to the OS and general usage, its far from perfect. If you talk about service support... Till now I found very supportive service from gotmatter team. At last I would like to mention that at this price range its overall a decent Television.
Deepak.Pandey 25 Nov 2018
good but not best
for this prize, its good.. but not best..
G Zaheer Ahmad 3 Nov 2018
Highly recommended
Very good quality and nice looking TV this price Im very happy
Sudhir Kodiyala 9 Aug 2018
I am a brand conscious person never ever buy the product which is new or not well known So this is the 1st LED I have buy with RIDAEX brand sound and picture clarity is very good as per the money Recommend to buy
Arun 24 Sep 2018
Worth Every Penny
Kanagaraj Raj 27 Sep 2018
Just Wow
Worth for price. Exceptional product. recommended for use at home or office.
Krishna Kharde 23 Sep 2018
Five stars
Good product.
Daniel 20 Jul 2018
Simply awesome
After 10 days usage review... delivery was awesome we received the TV with installation done on the Same.. Excellent service and installation Team.. Now comes to TV.. Picture quality is equivalent to LG and Samsung TV and sound quality met expectation... YouTube and Netflix videos are running seamless but you might required strong Data connection like Airtel... Overall it was awesome experience in buying RIDAEX TV..
Dinesh Kumar 25 Nov 2018
Awesome product
4K TV at this prize is a steal, especially given the panel clarity and features. Able to connect to home WiFi in a breeze and Youtube rendering is quick. It does take about 15-20 seconds to boot up, which I thought was unusual, but given the software loaded on it, it is understandable.
Ryan Rodrigues 22 Dec 2018
Affordable 4k tv
I am using this TV for past 4months. So far my experience is good. Package was sent through fedex and the installation was done by ridaex service provider on the next day. Pros 1) Good picture quality and sound quality at this price point. 2) Good build quality Cons: 1) Downward facing ports are difficult to access 2)Fast moving scenes are blurry at times. 3)Remote is a bit bulky
Jayasankar G 28 Dec 2018
Awesome product+service
Loved the product. Works like a charm. After sales service was brilliant. Got the tv installed in within a day of delivery!
Arjun adyanthaya 23 Dec 2018
Perfect led smart screen buy on awesome price!
I love my smart led ridaex waited anxiously for it and it proved itself perfect as picture clarity is very good. Sound also is good. Couldnt find any cons till now already used for 4 months. Again thanks to ridaex
Hiten 27 Dec 2018
picture quality and sound is good
picture quality is very good.sound quality is very good and dolbey sound is very good.voice is so high.
Arun Kumar 28 Dec 2018
Good tv
Really nice picture quality and sound is just okay. Still worth the buy.
Ankush 27 Dec 2018
average picture quality
I am using from 4 months I noticed 1.Good picture quality 2.Good features 3.Good build quality & appearance 4.Best price
Gajendra 8 Dec 2018
Good.. but late delivery
Sanjay 23 Dec 2018
Worth money
Nice TV. Worth money excellent magic remote. Referred to my friends and clients and they purchased.
Satyanath 26 Dec 2018
Reasonable price and latest technologies
Product is having latest technology and all features of 4k LED as smart functions with Air remote.Thanks ridaex and gotmatter
Manohara 27 Dec 2018
With all features Nice
Purchased on this week. Superb TV at this price. With all features Nice magic remote Crystal clear display. Superb sound also.
Prashanth 22 Dec 2018
Awesome product with high quality.speaker is too good .crystal clear clarity.supports to connect WiFi with all mobile simple superb product for your money.simple superb. Also the installation guys were too good
Mir M. 1 Jan 2019
I booked (Order ID: GMO-8707005A90151991) a 43 inch Nuke TV on 7th July’18 and received delivery on evening of 23rd July’18 ; 3 days latter from promised date . All my pain started with followed up with for installation and finally TV installed on 27th July. But unfortunate part was that the installation team were not able to give demo. After purchasing TV of Ridaex, I learn and understood very well that : i. Not to show patriotic “with made in India” products otherwise your hard earned money will be gone. ii. Never purchase non established brand’s product at the name of Made in India iii. Never belief on company’s video or youtube review – it is paid review iv. It is better to purchase Chinese products like MI, VU etc rather than such company’s product which never provides after sales service and there is no options for returning the purchased products I started checking all functions of the TV. I totally disappointed and feel that there is no 'walk the talk' in your company at all. Vast differences in your commitment (CEO,Naveen Srinivas). Now I am very sure that I made a blunder to see the reviews and commitment of company CEO. I am explaining deficiencies which I found in the TV: 1. Want select HDMI Port 2 for setup box, but after the staring the TV- goes automatically on HDMI 1. 2. Commitment was to provide two nos -2.0 USB ports and two nos. 3.0 USB ports. But in actual, my TV have one number of 2.0 & one number of 3.0 USB port. 3. While selecting input from TV remote as USB 1 or 2, does not detect inserted pen drive or external hard disk to enjoy plug & play. USB ports works only on HDMI 1 selection. 4.On your website and in CEO video, it was mentioned that customer can download any APP from Google Play store but in practical - cannot downloaded. Example I tried to download WhatsAPP Messenger, it was showing: Your device isn't compatible with this version. Similarly for Google Duo My question is that such small things cannot be checked by your company before dispatch??? 5. Very pathetic and painful customer care you have. Ridaex may contact any time but customer never contact when require. Contact can be made on mercy of Ridaex / Gotmatter. 7. Commitment was for free installation. But I have paid an amount of Rs350 for installation as told by your customer care executive and further shared my account details for getting reimbursement. But the amount Rs 350 never credited in my account in last 4 months. 8. I have written many times from last 10 months on given WhatsAPP number and email ID to send technical person for demo but never receive reply from your end. Good brands are known for their quality checks and for their promises to keep which they mention in their brochure. Your company have a dream to become good brand in Indian market, are you thinking to achieve this by deceiving with customer ?. If you are not able to manufacture more quantity, limit providing services in limited places only. Seeing all above issues, it is crystal clear that there is no quality checks in your company. Promises & commitment are never fulfilled in your company and you are playing with customer after taking money
Shailendra Kumar Singh 1 Jan 1970
No Service
When I have placed the order there was an offer which I have availed to get F&D sound bar so far I haven’t received it is said there is BLUETOOTH but there is no Bluetooth, I have been following up for past 3 to 4 months no proper response from the service customer care support, they said will dispatch the sound bar so far they haven’; though I have called many times and followed up in WhatsApp they are just ignoring, this is not good is like a harassment to customers.
Vivek Rajah 1 Jan 1970
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