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Best in class
I wanted a smart TV with 55 inch screen, wanted connectivity for HDMI arc, to connect to my 5.1, Ridaex has all the features of high end TV, I have installed vlc, plays all videos, all Android apps can be installed, HDMI arc is good, demo person didn't know anything about HDMI arc, HDMI 2 has arc capacity, also u have to turn on digital audio output in sound settings, mhl connectivity is also good, I have connected 1tb hard disk in USB 3 Port, I can even play 15 GB HDD mo is, through vlc, U should buy 2 USB extension cable, along with this, one for remote receiver, one for USB devices, with out extension cable, remote doesn't work well, receiver and remote should have direct line of sight, then remote works like a charm, I was able to use Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard with this TV, I am more than satisfied with this TV,
Sagar Arora 2 Feb 2018
Mind-blowing purchase
Very good picture quality. Good black level. 4k streams on Youtube and Prime Video are fabulous. Aesthetically tv looks great when mounted on wooden board (wall). Make sure to install at eye level when seated
Jyothsna 5 Feb 2018
cool features
Best features at this price range,The tv display quality is very good . Especially the gaming experience is really cool,and even the customer care response is very good
Ramesh 18 Feb 2018
TV For PS4 PRO/ Xbox One Players
I could play the Horizon: Zero dawn in 4K DCI using my PS4 Pro Console. Drastic difference when i am switching between 1080 to 2k and 2k to 4k. DCI is awesome while playing in 4K.I would recommend it as it has very less Input lagging since its a IPS panel.
Santhosh Kumar 26 Jan 2018
U cannot go wrong with this one.
I have had this for a couple of days now and I have watched complete Avatar movie on HD and also full 4k videos from you tube and I am indeed blown away with the quality of the picture. The audio is decent although the woofer could have been a little better but on the whole, my initial impression of this TV is that its brilliant. Extremely satisfied with it until now.
Anusha 27 Jan 2018
The panel for 55 Inch is so thin that, its actually a very good built. TV is actually thinner than what appear's in the image. One more thing. This comes with 1 unit of USB 3.0 that is not mentioned in the Specifications anywhere. That has to be mentioned. Sound is very clear and i feel the volume is moderate. Can still improve the sound frequency.
Akkamahadevi Santosh 3 Feb 2018
Highly recommendable .. Nice UHD with good colours.. Screen cast is awesome no delay.. compatible with all mobiles.. u just have to download screen cast app in mobile.
Swapnil Kulshrestra 2 Feb 2018
Need some more goodies
Amazing product. Sound decent. Picture quality 100% satisfactory. Can go for it if you value brand and quality more than features. You can always get a fire stick or chromecast for more features. Jio TV is also in the pipeline though. Exchange and delivery as smooth as possible. Kudos GotMatter!! Keep up the good work.
Hitesh 11 Feb 2018
Ridaex should be listed in top
Brand Ridaex proves to be the Pioneer in its field... Picture quality best.. Little disappointed with the sound quality expected more but not that enough bad.. At this price point excellent TV.. Gotmatter services as promised delivered on the same date.. installation within 4 hours.. Yes its 4 hours even i was shocked.
Babu 15 Feb 2018
Just wow
Fantabulous, Great picture quality. If you connect this tv to your laptop through HDMI just wow.
shruthi 1 Jan 1970
Best product
Tv is outstanding... No doubt abt it. Picture quality is too gud, big screen you wl enjoy the movie to the fullest, os is vry handy. Premium luk. Whn u wall mount it u wldnt feel tat tv exist thr its tat thin...Fan of ridaex
Swathi 1 Jan 1970
Best among the best
Beautiful, Intelligent & Full of features. Picture Quality is "WOW" I am surprised how Ridaex managed to give so much features at this price.
Mithun 1 Jan 1970
Best TV to watch sports
TV is too good for under 55k budget. Picture quality is awesome and watching matches on this TV is whole new experience
Abhishek 1 Jan 1970
Whatsapp video call works
I purchased this product for my sister in india When we used it to do video call in whatsapp ,the tv video quality was awesome ,Thanks Ridaex for this amazing feature.
Monika 1 Jan 1970
Best brand
Beautiful picture quality with great viewing angles. The TV has an inbuilt android which provide many features. The audio quality is also very good. My advice is to go the nearest electronic showroom and compare with various other brands. You will definitely notice a huge difference. Then make a choice.
Yogesh 5 Mar 2018
Taggy Thursday offer
Got it at cheaper price than mentioned by taggy thursday offer ,the installation was on the same day and the person explained very neatly about product ,Will review about its specs later after i use it for some time.
Manoj 5 Mar 2018
refund my money soon
Did not deliver the TV, kept skipping date with no tracking or shipping. Rude response from support team. Scared of dealing with you guys and worst ever order made online. I no more need your product. Refund my money soon.
Ajaykumar 1 Jan 1970
worst company in dealing with
Refund my money back soon!. Order ref: GMO-108498708195, (RE-1550 Plus 55 Inch 4K DCI Android Smart TV) dt 04-01-2019, not delivered with repeated reminders, and kept skipping dates. Rude response from support, very disappointed and scared to recommend any one to buy this. I no more need your product. on repeated contact and on sharing similar experiences of different customer, some one on 2nd Feb2019 called me and said refund is not possible. With no options i'm posting this. I think I have to make a complain in the consumer forum in order to get rid of these fraudsters.
Ajaykumar 1 Jan 1970
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