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Unbelievable TV
I got a 32 inch TV delivered yesterday and I’m still not able to believe that I just paid 18,000 Rs for such an amazing TV. It’s worth every rupee I have spent on it. It’s just great.
Salim 23 Jan 2018
I should have brought a 42 inch TV
I recently got a 32 inch TV delivered and I’m completely not satisfied with the size. I made a mistake of ordering a 32 inch instead of a 42 inch TV. Can anything be done now? But working of the TV is very good. That is why i am feeling like getting a bigger size. Smooth and perfect for using in homes where there are kids around.
Naveen 12 Jan 2018
Good tv, basic model, worth for price
I bought this TV about 20 days. I cannot this is the best tv of Ridaex. This is the basic tv for where you can install about 9- 10 applications and use smoothly. But installing more and more apps would slow down the TV. but for this price tag, its defiantly worth. Ridaex is taking good fans by launching more variants which is very good for growth and customer trust.
Uma Shankar 7 Jan 2018
No Complaints
I am happy with what i have got. Value for the money i spent from pocket is defiantly there. Looking forward to see Ridaex as big brand one day. Good luck.
Parthiban 6 Oct 2017
Good tv for under budget and small homes
Got it installed it 3 days ago and got the bill today. Very good tv for small houses. The picture quality is very good and you can install upto 7- 8 application for very smooth use.
Yatish Raj 4 Nov 2017
Magic remote should be given
This particular tv has all good features but it lags when it somes to remote thing. Ridaex should probably give magic remote with all smart tv. One than we caan use peacefully.
Chandan Kumar 15 Dec 2017
Built to suit Indian Economy
I got this TV delivered yesterday and I'm very happy for the product I have got. It's a TV that the best features compared to other TV brands and it is economical too.
RamKumar 20 Jan 2018
hope to see Change in panel
I'm very happy with the TV which I have got but the only suggestion from my side is, I wish to see the TV panel better. maybe a silver coloured panel or just a silver lining will b even great.
Chinabbha Reddy 31 Jan 2018
found scratches on the back panel
I got my TV yesterday night but when I opened it I found scratches on the back panel? Is it a problem? What should I do?
Sampath Kumar 9 Oct 2017
Why no Magic remote?
There is no magic remote available with this TV. I'm not able to operate the TV properly with this remote. Very bad.
Kannan 25 Oct 2017
no installation done yet
I have got the TV 2 days ago but I'm still waiting for the installation to be done. Can you guys check with it and update me.
Nagamani 9 Oct 2017
price is economical
The price of this 32 inch TV is very economical seriously one can't believe it is available at 18,ooo/-
Nayana 19 Oct 2017
Good tv, Full HD is good. But better remote need to be given
I appreciate the performance of the tv in the aspects of picture quality, sound, speed and built quality as well. But only thing lags is the remote. If you give a better remote it will be more helpful for the small tv users. As the magic remote is only provided with 50 inch TVs
Ranjita Kumar 25 Nov 2017
GotMatter improve the delivery speed
I give 5* to the tv. But I give only 2* to the delivery. Delivery speed is very slow. I got tv after 2 days of defined delivery time. I would blame both GotMatter management and FedEx for this. You have to improve delivery speed if you need more and more customers.
Krupakaran 4 Dec 2017
COD option should be given
I am surprised why you people have don't have COD. You people should defiantly have COD
Ashok Kumar 23 Dec 2017
Better RAM required
Only 512 MB RAM is given. If it was 1 GB or more. This would have been the best 32" Smart tv ever. With this tv now i feel like i am using Samsung Galaxy Young in which we can install only 7-8 apps
Raghu Raj 19 Jan 2018
Awesome TV
I got the tv 3 days back, but 1k paytm cash is not yet give. Please do check.
Pruthvi Bhat 9 Jan 2018
Good tv, Camera clairty is very good.
Very goo tv, i am very excited with the camera. I am able to make whatsapp calls too with the tv and camera. Awesome, I am uploading the video in youtube.
Krishanmurthy 26 Feb 2018
Nowhere less than top branded tv's
Got my delivery today. First best thing i noticed was the packing. So well packed with the wooden casing inside the box. This will protect the tv when the heavy weight falls on it. So basically this is very helpful to protect the tv. Coming the the quality and all its amazing tv with best picture quality. Its not even 1 percent less than all major brand tv. This gives us the good hope that all made in in dia products are best. I recommend this product to other buyers. Finally customer care is so good. Very helpful and promising.
Prasad Kumar 1 Mar 2018
Kept up your promise Ridaex
Very Nice TV... This is what I expected... Got the delivery on time and installation done in next day only...Excellent features and it looks as promised. Enjoying a lot... Thanks
Ajmeer 3 Mar 2018
Safe product
Well packed and good delivery experience And tv is like good and better picture quality and slim design.
Srinivas 4 Mar 2018
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