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Ridaex RE-1320 32" Android Smart TV

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MRP : 35,998 (Inclusive All of Taxes)
You save : 17,999.00 ( 50 Flat off )
Brands : Ridaex India Technologies
Product Code : RE-1320
Product Rating :
Product Technicals : Ridaex RE-1320 32" Android Smart TV is a perfect Smart TV for any home. It has built in all Smart and Android features. By the way, It is MADE IN INDIA.
Product Availability : Only 7 products left in stock.
Payment Options : COD, Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, EMI
Delivery :


INDIA: 93%

1. Screen Size : 32 Inches

2. Display Type : Full HD with 4K supportable

    2.1 Image Contrast Ratio : 300000:1

    2.2 Image Aspect Ratio : 16:9

    2.3 Response Time : 8 ms

3. Operating System : Android 4.4.4 ( Latest for televisions )

4. Google Play Enables : Yes

5. RAM : 512 GB

6. Internal Memory : 4 GB

7. USB Ports : 2

8. HDMI Ports : 1

9. AV Slots : 2 Pair

10. Ethernet Port : 1

11. VGA Port : 1

12. Mirror Cast : Yes

13. Bluetooth : No

14. WiFi : Yes

15. WiFi Hotspot : Yes

16. Contrast Ratio : 300000:1

17. Refresh Rate: 180 Hz

18. Speaker Type : Stereo Speaker

19. Speaker Watt: 10

20. Remote Type : SMART Remote ( No-Magic Remote )

Warranty: 1 Year from the manufacturer
( Now extend 1+1 Year warranty for Ridaex TV just at 5% of deal price. To avail this offer, Contact our customer care @ 08048145478 )

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Questions and answers of the customers

Is the TV available for demo anywhere in Bangalore?
Asked by Krishna on 30 Aug 2017
Yes Mr. Krishna , The TV is available for demo in JP Nagar 6th Phase, Bangalore.
Answered by Sujan on 30 Aug 2017
Is this TV available in Bangalore? Address and Mobile Number?
Asked by Ranga on 30 Aug 2017
Yes sir, the TV is available in Bangalore. Please call us on our support number : 08048145478
Answered by Sujan on 30 Aug 2017
How many HDMI port it has ?
Asked by Mandar on 31 Aug 2017
Hey Mandar, RIDAEX RE-1320 has 1 HDMI Port. But for other upcoming models, it may differ.
Answered by Sujan on 31 Aug 2017
Hey I found your TV in India Times. Do you have TVs in stock to purchase now in Bangalore? For my location, it is showing that the product is unavailable at your location.
Asked by Sunil on 31 Aug 2017
Hello Sunil, Sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, we have stock of TV's in Bangalore location. Please call our customer care to book or to see a demo. Thank You.
Answered by Sujan on 31 Aug 2017
How many HDMI ports it has?
Asked by Kavan on 1 Sep 2017
Hello Kavan, Ridaex RE-1320 comes with a single HDMI port.
Answered by Sujan on 1 Sep 2017
Do you have EMI option ?
Asked by Pallavi on 1 Sep 2017
Yes, we support Credit Card EMI option currently. Very shortly we are partnering with Bajaj Finance and Capital First.
Answered by Sujan on 1 Sep 2017
Now Radix 43inch availbal rady stock ?
Asked by S vasa on 2 Sep 2017
We are launching Ridaex RE-1430 on upcoming Monday. That is on 4th of September and yes, we will be having the product on stock.
Answered by Sujan on 2 Sep 2017
How buy this tv from trivandrum
Asked by Mini U on 4 Sep 2017
You can call our customer care 080-48145478 and directly place the order from our executives.
Answered by sujan on 5 Sep 2017
Can i get netflix and amazon prime on ur tv
Answered by Shekar on 7 Sep 2017
Yes sir, We have the option to download and install all android applications.
Answered by Sujan on 7 Sep 2017
Is it true that, 2000 + Ridaex TV's are sold in just 10 days ? Or is it wrong news ?
Asked by Gupta on 5 Sep 2017
Hello Mr. Gupta, Frankly we have sold about 1400 Ridaex RE-1320 TV's in past 7 days. The information about 2000 TV's sold is wrong.
Answered by Sujan on 5 Sep 2017
Demo service is available in Hyderabad and whT is the shipping cost
Asked by Satish kumar on 8 Sep 2017
No, Mr.Satish Kumar. Demo is not available in Hyderabad. Please give us a call on our customer care to get the information about the shipping and all the other information.
Answered by Sujan on 8 Sep 2017
Hello, I have order a TV just now. When can i expect the delivery. My Order Id is : GMS1328946. Please revert me soon.
Asked by Sushma Shree on 12 Sep 2017
Hello Sushma Shree, I have just tracked your order. We are ready to ship the product now. You will be receiving the TV by 16/09/2017 by 5 pm and the installation is scheduled for 17/09/2017 11 am.
Answered by Sujan on 12 Sep 2017
I want to buy this tv now. In how many days will i get it delivered to gorakpur ?
Asked by Lohit Pandey on 13 Sep 2017
Hello Lohit, The maximum transit time all over India is 7 working days. You may expect the package delivered by 3-7 working days after placing the order.
Answered by Sujan on 13 Sep 2017
I ordered on 7th and it delivered on 11th date. Speed delvery. Keep it up.
Answered by Krishna Murthy on 13 Sep 2017
When launching 43 " inches Ridaex TV ?
Asked by Shivananda on 13 Sep 2017
Hello Shivananda, We are launching 42" Ridaex Android Smart tomorrow. Please check our website by tomorrow or share us your number, so that we can give you a fallow up call.
Answered by Sujan on 13 Sep 2017
Want to buy a 43inch tv but i am from assam so no idea if this tv is available here
Answered by Sabrina on 23 Sep 2017
Is this a 4K tv? if yes does it supports 4k resolution at 60Hz? Does it supports HDR contents?
Asked by CB on 14 Sep 2017
No CB, It is not a 4K TV. But it supports 4K videos to be played from HDMI.
Answered by Sujan on 15 Sep 2017
How can I buy Ridaex 32inch tv in Mumbai?
Asked by Suraj Singh on 14 Sep 2017
Yes Mr.Suraj, You can buy the TV online in this website and we will start delivering in Mumbai from tomorrow, that is 15 September 2017.
Answered by Sujan on 14 Sep 2017
Can i expand the memory of this tv, if yes what is maximum expand...
Asked by Mohammed rihan on 14 Sep 2017
No Mr. Mohammed, You cannot expand the internal memory.
Answered by Sujan on 14 Sep 2017
Are you sure the ram is 512 GB and internal memory is 4 GB or is it the other way around?
Asked by Roshan Pati on 16 Sep 2017
Hello Roshan, That was was good question, without RAM the Android OS will not start. That's the logic. The next part is this TV comes with 4 GB internal memory. I am sharing the image of the internal memory through the email which you have provided while asking the question.
Answered by Sujan on 17 Sep 2017
Are you launching 55 inch smart TV ?
Asked by Ramgiri on 18 Sep 2017
Hello Ramgiri, Currently, we have launched 32" and 42" and we have 43" and a couple of more variants to be launched. Probably in next by last week of November Ridaex 55 inch Android Smart TV will be ready.
Answered by Sujan on 18 Sep 2017
Would I get the installation done by you guys, If I'm ordering the TV from Mysore?
Asked by Raghav on 20 Sep 2017
Yes Mr. Raghav we would be doing installation for your TV in Mysore.
Answered by Sujan on 20 Sep 2017
Can I upgrade the Android OS of the this TV in the future, if there are any updates coming?
Asked by Arpitha on 20 Sep 2017
Yes Arpitha, You can update your Android TV if there are any updates for TV versions.
Answered by Sujan on 20 Sep 2017
Where I can get demo of this tv in Ahmedabad?
Asked by Debashis on 20 Sep 2017
Sorry, Debashis. We don't have any demo's in Ahmedabad.
Answered by Sujan on 20 Sep 2017
Have you guys lunched the 42" Ridaex TV? If yes, how different would it be when compared to the 32" Riadex TV?
Asked by Yuvan Shankar on 20 Sep 2017
Yes Mr. Yuvan, We have launched it about a week ago. Please check the below provide link, you can find the clear differences by reading the TV Descriptions.

LINK: https://goo.gl/ScZugX

Answered by Sujan on 20 Sep 2017
can you deliver this product to Bilaspur Chhattisgarh-495004? As a special request, I will take care of installation, you have to take care of safe delivery?
Asked by venkat kota on 21 Sep 2017
Hello Venkat Kota, I am arranging a call for you from one of my sales representative very shortly. They would be discussing about your request on call.
Answered by Sujan on 21 Sep 2017
How about the Service Centers in Pune? What is the process for getting the TV serviced in case of any issues... How do we get assurance about instant and quality after-Sales Service from you?
Asked by Vishal Kapurkar on 23 Sep 2017

There are no answers for this question, be the first to respond.

How can i buy this tv.. I am. From assam
Asked by Sabrina on 23 Sep 2017

There are no answers for this question, be the first to respond.

Can u deliver the to this pincode 606601 thiruvannamalai
Asked by Hemanth on 23 Sep 2017

There are no answers for this question, be the first to respond.

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